A kind of grey, ugly building
a kind of dot in the world’s tale
But for me
this dot means more
than whole sentences.
In my house
everybody cried,
everybody laughed…
Cracked walls
remember children’s cries,
and things
that people have already forgotten.
For me
my house
is the most wonderful place in the world.




People like flowers
develop seeds,
enjoy life,
and die.




Seems to be, but is not.
How can this be?
Are there not
fiery eyes of stars
flowers crying with dew,
laughing clouds?
Yes, there are.
Only not literally.


for the eyes.
for the ears.
Full of annoying,
awkward silence.
And though you cannot hear it,
it resonates […]

Poems: Nadia Smolarkiewicz (6th-grade student of the Primary School in Otoczna, Wrzesnia, Poland)


The Neverland project is an observation of every-day reality of the residents of the municipality of Wrzesnia – a small region located in western Poland. This is an ordinary storytelling of life, emotions, relationships, while avoiding artificial vicissitudes. It is also a journey to the amazing world, where people reveal to us the magic of everyday life. We are witnessing both quiet, intimate moments and relationships with loved ones, as well as mass events, collective emotions. In this seemingly unremarkable space, we find a number of peculiarities. Nibyland is also an attempt to define the contemporary dimension of a community, and what shapes the identity of a place and its inhabitants.

The life of small communities is subjected to significant changes. The modern world, set to the fast pace of life and the development of big cities, provokes us to greater anonymity – how, against this trend, do relationships look in a small community? Do our origins still define our identity? What are the relationship we share with the people who come from the same area? What is the modern concept of home, family, community? Nibyland lets us pause for a moment and immerse in the history of this simple and mysterious community, .

The photographs are completed by poems of a twelve year old girl, who lives in the village of Wegierki and interprets her surrounding reality in an unusual, transcendental way. In the global context, the municipality of Wrzesnia, it’s a dot (on a map) of no significance. But for many people it is a space for experiences full of beauty, truth and closeness, occuring in every second of life.

Project made for Wrzesnia Collection