07 / 2024

We are in the main competition at the BNP Paribas Green Film Festival. See you in August in Kraków!

06 / 2024

Special Mention for our documentary Sowing the Seeds of the Wild at the 53st Lubuskie Lato Filmowe film festival.

Thanks to the jury: Anna Grygiel, Jana Počtová, Jarosław Grzechowiak

06 / 2024

We are just leaving Łagów, from the 53rd Lubuskie Film Summer taking place a few dozen kilometers from the Oder, and we are heading to Mescherin for a cross-border meeting of Polish and German politicians dedicated to the Oder and its joint protection, at the invitation of MEP Dr. Hannah Neumann. And we received such a letter! Directed from the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Mikołaj Dorożała, to the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia. You have no idea how deeply we are moved by the fact that by showing this film to politicians and groups involved in nature conservation, we can talk not about HOW to protect nature, but WHY to protect it. And to remind them of what we still have to save and how incredibly beautiful it is!

05 / 2024

We are speechless! Special Mention for our documentary Sowing the Seeds of the Wild at the 21st Millennium Docs Against Gravity documentary film festival.

Thanks to the jury: Maria Krauss, Wiktoria Jędroszkowiak, and Leszek Drogosz.

Millennium Docs Against Gravity, we love you!

04 / 2024

At last, we can show you the trailer of our documentary film ‘Sowing the Seeds of the Wild’. Our full-length documentary debut is premiering at Millennium Docs Against Gravity. The premiere is on Saturday, May 11, followed by 14 screenings in 5 Polish cities.

Here more details: 

01 / 2024

For almost three months now, we’ve been holed up in our valley in Warmia and Masuria, putting together our documentary film about Michał Zygmunt’s incredibly beautiful and important journey. There’s still a little bit of work ahead of us, but we’re entering a phase where we’re really picking up speed. We have some wonderful news for you, but that’s coming soon 🙂 In the photo, after three intense days of discussions and work with Mateusz and Monika somewhere in the snows of the Low Beskids

10 / 2023

We have returned to the Oder River. The final touches are being made, and we are entering the post-production phase. Autumn and winter are the times when we will embark on the river journey once again, now in the process of editing and sound design. This time, to tell the extraordinary story of Michał Zygmunt in a cinematic tale. 

Together with curator Michał Łuczak, we are putting the exhibition “Wounded Birds Are Wary” into new contexts. We invite you to the Emil Drobny Museum in Rybnik. Let’s meet on September 10th, Sunday, at 11 AM, where we will officially open the exhibition as part of the 20th Rybnik Photography Festival. The exhibition will be open from September 10th to September 30th, 2023.