The final work on the film documentary

We have returned to the Oder. The final touches are being made, and we are entering the post-production phase. Autumn and winter are the times when we will embark on the river journey once again, now in the process of editing and sound design. This time, to tell the extraordinary story of Michał Zygmunt in a cinematic tale.

Exhibition in Rybnik

Together with curator Michał Łuczak, we are putting the exhibition “Wounded Birds Are Wary” into new contexts. We invite you to the Emil Drobny Museum in Rybnik. Let’s meet on September 10th, Sunday, at 11 AM, where we will officially open the exhibition as part of the 20th Rybnik Photography Festival. The exhibition will be open from September 10th to September 30th, 2023.

Our book in Center for Book Arts in NY

So happy that our book “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” finally will be on view during 2020 Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Shortlist Exhibition at Center for Book Arts in New York City starting this Thursday, July 8. If you are in NY please visit Center for Book Arts – many wonderful books there!

Check details HERE

We’re on the PRESS Mag cover

My beloved Dyba Lach and me we’re on the cover of the latest Press Magazine issue with quote”it was the year of the women”
Photo by Rafal Maslow

Grand Prix Photo of the Year 2021 on GPP Awards

What an emotion! Thank you Grand Press Photo and Press Magazine for these three wonderful honors. Grand Prix Photo of the Year 2021, honorable mention with Dyba Lach for the book “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” and first prize in the Spot News category!

STRIKE EDITION PRINTS (fundraising for the Polish Women’s Rights Centre)

We decided to release a series of signed prints STRIKE EDITION. These are five images from the protests of Polish women, the income from which will be entirely donated to the Polish Women’s Rights Centre. This is an institution which protects women. For a small amount, we can support very real needs-psychological consultation, accommodation, legal aid. This fundraising lasts 7 days only.

Women’s rights are violated loudly and openly, but also quietly and in secret. The pandemic has increased domestic violence and made escape impossible. The scale of this phenomenon is enormous.

This is a time of struggle for women on many fronts. We invite you to take action!

Review in Photobook Journal

Gerhard Clausing about How to Rejuvenate an Eagle in Photobook Journal



We feel honored to share with you this most important nomination. The nomination itself makes us happy like no other award. Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo shortlisted our book “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” to the Book of the Year 2020 Award. Congratulations to all nominees and thanks to the jury: Susan Meiselas (president, Magnum Foundation) Sarah Hermanson Meister (curator of photography, MoMA) Joshua Chuang (associate director for art, prints, and photographs, New York Public Library) Lesley A. Martin (creative director, Aperture) Oluremi C. Onabanjo (Independent Curator). We would like to thank especially our dream team Ania Nałęcka-Milach, Olga Gitkiewicz, Rafał Milach and Wojtek Jablonskii.


How to Rejuvenate an Eagle book Review in (POLISH)

Agnieszka Warnke writes about our book in


Jörg Colberg review of our Book

Over the course of most of its history, Poland suffered greatly from being sandwiched between Germany and Russia, as a consequence of which the country was moved around on the map many times — when it wasn’t occupied or even parceled up and absorbed by its neighbours. The country re-emerged on the map of Europe in 1918 after it had not existed as its own entity for over 100 years…


Financial Times about “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle”

By Chris Alnutt

“In the images and interviews gathered across three and a half years and 10,000 miles of travel, Lach and his wife Dyba, a writer, depict a Poland conscious of its past and fearful for its future, its citizens trapped not just by tradition but by the boundaries and identities that are constantly shifting around them.”


How to Rejuvenate an Eagle / Exhibition in Krakow

The exhibition in Krakow has been officially opened. We spent just a few days at Miesiąc Fotografii w Krakowie / Krakow Photomonth Festival but received an extraordinary amount of kind words and very interesting conversations. Thank you Galeria Szara Kamienica, for the possibility to show our 3.5 year project in this wonderful place. Thank you Krakow Photomonth and Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych for meeting the expectations despite the hard times. Thank you Sasha for beautiful wooden frames and the best of the best Michał Jaworski (Book & Art) for an incredible print. We encourage you to visit Krakow, the exhibition is still open until July 26 and thanks to the extraordinery cooperation with our friend-curator Michal Luczak it looks amazing.
where: Galeria Szara Kamienica, Rynek Glowny 6, Krakow
when: tue-fri 1-6pm, sat-sun 12-4pm
until: July 26

About our long journey… An Interview with Magda Rigamonti

Interview with Michal Nogas

Our first interview about upcoming book “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” with amazing Michal Nogas (in Polish).


New book is coming! First preview and publication

We are delighted that we can show you first glimpse of our upcoming 3.5 year project about Poland. Premiere of our book “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” very soon.

More upcoming book talks on YouTube

We’re on YouTube

We want to welcome you on our YouTube channel. Because pandemic locked us down and we are unable to talk with you personally about our upcoming project “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” / “Rewizje”. We have this amazing pleasure to talk to you all online (in Polish for now) Please subscribe our channel, more live talks, videos and news in very near future.


The Photo Icon of 30 years of changes in Poland

It’s still hard to believe that I became the winner of the International Competition “Icon of 30 Years – Freedom and Solidarity”. I feel honoured and very moved that this picture was chosen as a symbol of three decades of change in Poland.
Thank you Press Club Polska and Dom Spotkań z Historią, jury Bruno Barbey (Magnum Photos), Anna Brzezińska (Dom Spotkań z Historią), Kasia Madera (BBC World), Katarzyna Madoń-Mitzner (Dom Spotkań z Historią), Maciek Nabrdalik (VII Photo Agency), Thomas Szlukovenyi (Thomson Reuters), Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk (Press Club Polska) and International Association of Press Clubs.

More information

About Neverland Project in the latest The British Journal of Photography magazine

“…It is in the contrast and similarities between the microcosmos of a typical rural Polish community and macrocosmos of Earth viewed from space that we better understand the questions posed by Lach. As he says, “With such seemingly small stories, we can talk about universal problems”.
Thank You Max Ferguson and Izabela Radwanska Zh

Grand Prix on GPP awards

I’m deeply moved by what happened last night. My picture won Photography of the Year on Grand Press Photo 2018 Contest. I would love to thank Stefano De Luigi Beata Łyżwa-Sokół Andrzej Zygmunntowicz Peer Grimm Arkadiusz Gola and Andrej Reiser. Thank you Press Magazine for supporting Polish photography. Congratulations to all winners and nominees!

Vice annual photo issue 2017

For annual photo issue Vice magazine reached out to 16 up-and-coming photographers and asked them which photographer inspired them to pursue the medium. Then we approached their “idols” to see if they would be willing to publish work in the issue as well. What was provided, we think, creates a unique conversation about the line of influence between young artists and those more established in their careers. I choosed Alec Soth.

With Alec Soth we share our work in Vice annual photo issue.

VICE Photo Issue 2017 online (print version soon)
I am so exited to have an opportunity to be a part of Vice Photo Issue 2017. Thank You Alec Soth for agreeing to share your unpublished Songbook photographs alongside my unpublished Neverland photographs.


PhotoBook of the Year for Neverland!

I received wonderful information, Neverland became the book of the year at Grand Press Photo Awards. Thank you to the honorable jury and Press magazine for such a great prize.

Artistic residence in Sopot

I am very happy to announce that in May 2017 i will be a part of the Sopot artistic residency along with 5 outstanding artist, Kuba Dabrowski, Rafal Milach, Zuza Krajewska, Tadeusz Rolke and Ilona Szwarc. “Within the frame of Sopot” festival is based on artistic residencies. For five years, excellent, talented artists have been invited to create new author cycles in Sopot. See you at the final exhibition on September 8.

“Poles Apart. Poland’s Culture Wars” exhibition at the Harvard University

Almost three decades after its successful transition to democracy and more than a decade after joining the European Union, Poland is again torn apart by growing political polarization and social conflicts.

Millions of Poles took to the streets following electoral victories by the conservative and nationalist Law and Justice Party (PIS) in 2015. Under PIS rule, culture wars that had been simmering for years have finally boiled over. Bitter disagreements remain over not just current policies and institutions, but the country’s historical memory, the nature of post-1989 transformations, and relations with Europe.

More Information

Neverland exhibition at La Quatriéme Image, Paris

Podczas tegorocznej edycji festiwalu La Quatrieme Image w Paryżu, szczególne miejsce zajmuje polska fotografia współczesna i jej twórcy: Andrzej Dragan, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Adam Lach, Agnieszka Rayss,Monika Redzisz & Monika Bereżecka i Natalia Wiernik. See you in Paris on 04-17 April 2017

Neverland in The New York Times

I had this amazing pleasure to talk with extraordinery Ania Bartkowiak about my latest project and book Neverland

Neverland at the Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles

I am so happy to be a part of Polish Paradise, a wonderful collaboration between three major polish photo festivals, PhotoMonth from Krakow, Tiff from Wroclaw and FotoFestival from Lodz. I will be there with my new book Neverland, hope to see you there.

Neverland book available!

I am so delightet that i can present you my new book Neverland!

The Nibyland project is an observation of every-day reality of the residents of the municipality of Wrzesnia – a small region located in western Poland. This is an ordinary storytelling of life, emotions, relationships, while avoiding artificial vicissitudes. It is also a journey to the amazing world, where people reveal to us the magic of everyday life. We are witnessing both quiet, intimate moments and relationships with loved ones, as well as mass events, collective emotions. In this seemingly unremarkable space, we find a number of peculiarities. Nibyland is also an attempt to define the contemporary dimension of a community, and what shapes the identity of a place and its inhabitants. The life of small communities is subjected to significant changes. The modern world, set to the fast pace of life and the development of big cities, provokes us to greater anonymity – how, against this trend, do relationships look in a small community? Do our origins still define our identity? What are the relationship we share with the people who come from the same area? What is the modern concept of home, family, community? Nibyland lets us pause for a moment and immerse in the history of this simple and mysterious community, .


Stigma exhibition in NCK, Gdansk / Poland – discussion Roma in Polish photography after opening.

I want to invite you all to Gdansk for the Stigma exhibition. We are going to show you lots of beautiful images from my latest project and book Stigma. Exhibition is curated by Filip Cwik and Anna Zalewska-Andruszkiewicz. Hope to see you there.

Beata Pawlak literary award for Stigma

Wonderful news!!! Beata Pawlak literary Award for the book “Stigma” (Prize reserved for literature, which for the first time, in the history, was given to a photobook) The Beata Pawlak Memorial Award is an annual Polish literary prize founded in 2003 and awarded to authors publishing their works in the Polish language whose subject-matter concerns the themes of religion, culture and civilisation. The award was created to honour the last wish of a Polish award-winning writer and journalist Beata Pawlak who died in the 2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia.

IPA first prize for Stigma book

STIGMA book won the 1st prize in the IPA 2014 contest’s SELF PUBLISHED BOOK – PROFESSIONAL category

About Stigma in The New York Times

POYi, Award of Excellence in Issue Reporting Picture Story for Stigma project