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Adam Lach is a documentarist and visual artist. He has done assignments for the New York Times, Le Monde, the Guardian, GEO, and Newsweek. He has won Pictures of the Year International, International Photography Awards, and Grand Press Photo competitions. He is the author of three photobooks: “Stigma”, which earned 1st Place distinction from the IPA, “Neverland”, which is included in the Tate’s Martin Parr photobook collection and “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” nominated to Photobook of the Year 2020 by Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo. His photograph Freedom was chosen as the winner of Press Club Polska’s ‘Icon of 30 Years: Freedom and Solidarity’ competition. His works have been exhibited at La Quatrième Image festival in Paris, the Prague Biennale, and Harvard University.


2020 How to Rejuvenate and Eagle / Rewizje
2016 Neverland
2014 Stigma

Selected Individual Exhibitions

2020 “Wounded Birds are Wary”, Szara Kamienica Gallery, Krakow, Poland
2015 – “Stigma”, NCK, Gdansk / Poland
2006 – „Presence”, Pankov Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2006 – „Diary”, Swidnica / Poland
2005 – „Apology of the Presence”, Wroclaw / Poland
2004 – „Meetings” – II International Festival of Photography in Lodz, Poland

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 – “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle” at Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2020 exhibition in Center for Book and Arts in New York
2017 – La Quatriéme Image, Espace des Blancs-Manteaux, Paris, France
2017 – “Poles Apart. Poland’s Culture Wars”, Centre of European Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
2017 – „Migration. To be or not to be”, Pune Biennale, India
2014 – “Houses as silver as Tents”, Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw, Poland
2012 – ”Living on the Margin”, ZPAF Old Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2011 – “Street Photography Now”, Gallery of the Museum of Printing, Warsaw, Poland
2011 – “Living on the Margin”, Abbaye de Neumunster, Luxemburg
2011 – “Contemporary Polish Photography”, Biennale of Art in Prague / Czech Republic
2011 – “Mapping the Flaneur” Newcastle Arts Centre / Newcastle, England
2010 – “East Side Story – Chroniques d’Europe”  HSBC Gallery, Paris, France
2010 – “Sacred Refuge”, 3th Photodocumentary Festival, Poznan, Poland
2010 – “Mass of Works”, Yours Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2010 – “She’s Different” 3th Photodocumentary Festival, Poznan, Poland
2008 – „Suzuki Method”, World Photojournalis Festival 2008, China
2008 – „Kosovo” in BWA, Bydgoszcz / Poland
2006 – „Poland Now” in Yours Gallery, Warsaw / Poland

Selected Awards

2021 – “How to Rejuvenate an Eagle”  nomination for the Photo-Text Book of the Year at Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, France
2021 – Grand Prix Photo of the Year in Grand Press Photo
2021 – 1st Prize in category Events for Single image in Grand Press Photo
2020 – The Photobook of the Year 2020 nomination by Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo, New York
2019 – Grand Prix “Icon of 30-years – Freedom and Solidarity” by Press Club International
2019 – 1st Prize in category People for Single image in Grand Press Photo
2018 – Grand Prix Award in Grand Press Photo
2017 – Photobook of the Year for book “Neverland” in Grand Press Photo
2014 – Winner of Beata Pawlak literary Award for Book Stigma organized by Batory Foundation
(Prize reserved for literature, which for the first time, in the history, was given to a photobook)
2014 – IPA 1st Prize Winner for Book Stigma in Self Published Professional category
2014 – POYi, Award of Excellence in Issue Reporting Picture Story for Stigma project
2008 – 2nd Prize for the reportage “The Capital” in category Daily Life in the Newsreportage contest of the “Newsweek Poland”
2008 – 2nd Prize for the reportage “The Children of Bermuda Triangle” in category People in the Newsreportage contest of the “Newsweek Poland”
2007 – Special Award of the „Rzeczpospolita” daily for „Suzuki Method” in the BZ WBK Press Photo Contest
2007 – 1st Prize for the reportage „World Hairdressing Centre” in the category „Civilisation” in the BZ WBK Press Photo Contest
2007 – 1st Prize for the reportage „Suzuki Method” in the category „Society” in the BZ WBK Press Photo Contest
2007 – 2nd Prize for the reportage „Suzuki Method” in the category „Culture and Art” Press Photography Contest
2005 – Grand Prix in the International Reporter’s Photograpgy Contest in Swidnica